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Zhol Ashar – 2019

Zhol Ashar – 2019

10 September 2019

  The beginning of study in the university, especially in such large as medical university is long waited and exiting event for every fresh student.

School and exams have been leaved behind. And now, years of intense study in the chosen specialty and eventful student’s life will be waiting for us. Immediately a lot of questions have raised: where is the right audience or department? How do I get the library? What is the mane of the dean? And many others.

Sport-intelligent quiz “Zhol Ashar” is organized by the Youth Department in the first month of the academic year especially for first year students.  Game guide helps to familiarize with the university faster.

On September, 7, more than 40 students teams have taken a part in the game “Zhol Ashar”.Almost two hundred girls and boys were searching “stations” in code and answering tricky questions. The most quickest and intelligent teams were determined under the game results.

The winner of the “Zhol Ashar 2019” are:

  The third place - team “F4”(School of Medicine);

  The second place - team “Starks” (School of Medicine);

  The first place - team "Ostrye kozyrki"(School of Dentistry).

Besides, winner in the category “Best Selfie on the back of University” - the team “Acacia” and “The Best Aesthetic Look” - the team “Surki” were noticed.

The sports-intelligent game have been finished, the training days have begun.

We wish success in the study, good luck in all endeavors, faith in themselves and strong health to our freshmen.

Special thanks we want to tell to the student’s republic "Samruk" for the festal day organization. 

  The Department of Youth Affairs



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