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Venue is “WELCOME” center

Venue is “WELCOME” center

05 September 2019

Solemn opening of service-oriented center named “WELCOME” has taken place at the Medical University of Karaganda on the September, 3.  Administrative staff of the university, deans, faculty and student from various schools have taken a part in the welcome ceremony.

The center was created within the project Erasmus+ and it was intended on the foreign students and teacher’s integration to the academical and social environment of the university. This center is prosperously functioning at the International Cooperation Division. Voluntary students of the university have been taking a part in the center operation.  While the center welcome ceremony, Board Chairman – Rector of the University Dosmagambetova R.S. noticed considerable achievements in the university internalization development and was hopeful to new achievement in this strategical direction.

The “WELCOME” center is provided by all necessary facilities not only for training and working but also for foreign guests’ free time, institutional and consulting support, meetings, seminars and socio-cultural measures carrying out. 



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