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Rules of labour (internal) order of «MUK» NCJSC


Extract from the internal regulations of the NCJSC "Medical University of Karaganda"

p.7.9  The appearance of the student must comply with generally accepted standards of business and classic style in society and exclude causing details.

Dress code for staff, teachers and students exclude:

  1. All kinds of shorts and leggings;

  2. Short skirts and dresses;

 3. Beach clothes and shoes: short tops, slates;

 4. Items of clothing that open the back and do not cover the body in the abdomen;

 5. Transparent and translucent underwear clothing;

 6. Ripped jeans, revealing body parts;

 7. Piercing and tattoos on exposed parts of the body;

 8. Track suits (except of sports clothing during physical education classes).

These changes and additions have been made on the initiative of the student republic Samruk of the NCJSC “Medical University of  Karaganda” and approved at the administration meeting.

The university administration has the right to apply to persons who do not comply with these requirements, disciplinary actionprovided for in the Internal Regulations of  NCJSC “MUK”.