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Enrollment Rules for internship

1. Application

This «Enrollment rules for internship» spells out the work of competition commission and graduates before enrollment in internship.

2. Normative references

2.1. The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About education» from 27 July 2007 (with changes from 24.10.2011).

2.2. The order of the Ministry of Health RK №27 from 30.01.2008 «About approve of lists with clinical specialties to the training in internship and residency».

2.3. «Regulation about internship» the order of MH RK №452 from 16.06.2010.

3. General provisions

3.1. Internship is a form of one or two year training of student of medical universities in the frames of basic medical education.

3.2. Basic task of internship is the modernization of practical training of graduates of medical universities, professional degree and level advancement, their readiness to the individual medical activity.

3.3. The training of interns is realized in accordance with SOSE RK 5.03.006-2006 «State obligatory standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Higher professional education. Education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Knowledge control and assessment in universities. General provisions», by Standard Education Plan and Program on every specialty, «Regulation about internship» the order of MH RK №452 from 16.06.2010.

    State Obligatory Education Standard establishes obligatory minimum of professional education program on definite specialty. The working education plans in internship is confirmed in Academic Council of University and considered with the account of changes in State Obligatory Education Standard.

4. Admission to the internship

4.1. Admission to the internship is realized on specialties, which is confirmed by the Order of the Ministry of Health from 30.01.2008 № 27 «About confirmation of lists with clinical specialties training in internship and residency» (with additions and changes from 06.05.2013).

4.2. Bachelors of specialties «General medicine» and «Stomatology»who receive transferable GPA (for the specialty «General medicine» - 2.90, «Stomatology» - 2.85) transferred to the internship not scored transfer points would send down from the university.

4.3. The enrollment to the internship on all direction is realized on competition base, with the exception of directions of training in internship «GP».

4.4. The persons, who had the diploma of bachelor on specialty «General medicine»and transferred in internship, are accepted to the competition for enrollment in internship on directions: «Internal diseases», «Pediatrics», «Obstetrics and gynecology», «Surgery».

4.5. The duration of document acceptance for participation in competition of graduates of KSMU from July 1 to August 1 this year, students from other universities from August 1 to August 10 this year – on available vacancies in places of internship’s directions.

4.6. The competition is realized on the base of documents, which are presented by students in competition commission of KSMU:

·  Application about enrollment in internship on definite direction of internship training to the Rector

·  3-sides contract employment (graduate, employer, KSMU)

·  Diploma (original) and a copy

·  Transcript (copy)

·  Identification card(copy);

·  3x4 photos, colored, 2 pcs.

Students, who are transferred from other universities, present additionally for participation in the competition:

·  Written consent to the transfer

·  A certificate of UNT or CT and a certificate of award of the educational grant (copy);

·  A copy of the summary sheet of the last examination of the intermediate and final state certification (for the purpose scholarships).

4.7. Ι stage - all applicants involved in testing. For students of the specialty "general medicine" tests include questions of disciplines: internal diseases, surgical diseases (including children’s surgery), obstetrics and gynecology, children diseases, general medical practice, ambulance and emergency medical aid.

Students who scored a total of 75% or more on the results of testing, as well as more than 75% by the stated discipline specialization allowed to ΙΙ stage. Students who scored at the test results of less than 75% are enrolled in internship on direction «GP».

4.8. ΙΙ stage – interview on the department according to the chosen internship specialization, portfolio defense. The department presents the extract from protocol of meeting to the competition commission.

4.9. ΙΙΙ stage – according to the results of two stages of competition commission forms the lists of students on definite internship specialization.

4.10. The enrollment in internship and group formation on directions of training are realized on base of order of the Chancellor of KSMU, with presenting of information to the Ministry of Health of RK.

4.11. The academic year in internship will begin from 1September this year and finish according to the academic calendar.

Confirmed by Academic Council of KSMU.

The Protocol № 4 from 27.11.2014