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SSS Board

The main structural-functioning unit of SSS are student’s scientific clubs of departments (SSC) , working under the guidance of experienced teachers of the University. At the present time there are 5 sections in the Institute. 34 SSC are working on these sections. Traditionally, the most numerous are SSC on the base of medicine and biological departments and issuing clinical departments.  There are also many SSC of departments of the various faculties, as already having a long history and traditions, or newly created.

SSCs of the University departments propose different forms of work:

  • Deep learning of different methods of diagnosis and treatment of ill persons, medical and chemistry-pharmacy equipment;
  • Participation in different medical manipulations, analysis of thematic ill persons, processing and analyses of materials of illness history;
  • Participation in departments and inter-departments, institutional scientific conferences;
  • the direct implementation of the research activities, participation in experimental and clinical researches made by departments;
  • summarizing and annotating the domestic and foreign literature;
  • participation in Olympiads, competitions and exhibitions of student work, presentation of research material in the form of reports, theses and articles on scientific forums at different levels;
  • Introduction to various research institutions and research teams, medical and pharmaceutical institutions, etc.