Karaganda Medical University
«Medicine and Ecology» journal
Monthly newspaper «Medic»

Approved topics of doctoral thesic

"Optimization of the nursing process model in the formation of a safe hospital environment"

"Development and standardization of the biologically active substance of flavonoid cirrilinol"

"Development of the technology of obtaining a chondroprotective agent based on keratan sulfate"

"Development of the composition and technology of production of a liquid dosage form based on the plant Serratula coronata L and its standardization"

"Development of the composition and technology of a new medicament for choleretic, spasmolytic and laxative action based on domestic plant material"

"Development of technology for obtaining a water-soluble substance and a dosage form based on pinostrobin oxime"

"Development of technology and formulation of topical dosage forms based on - Scabiosa ochroleuca L. extract"