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Youth department affairs
The Youth Affairs Department

Department of Youth Affairs

The Youth Affairs Department

The main task of functioning of the Youth Affairs Department at the University is to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of measures in the field of state youth policy.

The main objectives of the department are the implementation of the university’s policy in the field of moral patriotic education of students, the implementation of measures aimed at unlocking the creative potential of young people and the implementation of state youth policy.

The department consists of the head of the department, specialists, a sound engineer and circle leaders. Each of them contributes to the implementation of educational work and youth policy at the university, supports creative youth, participates in the formation of patriotic and civic qualities among future doctors. The Youth Affairs Department work together with university schools, departments, student government and trade union committee.


The department works in the following areas:

1.  Formation and development of active citizenship, new Kazakhstan patriotism, social responsibility, high spiritual and moral culture and legal culture among the students.

2.  Promotion of the ideas of the «МәңгілікЕл» patriotic act and the program article of the Head of State «Болашаққабағдар: руханижаңғыру» among the students. The implementation of the program «Руханижаңғыру» among students.

3.  Formation of anti-corruption culture in the student environment.

4.  The formation of professional competencies to ensure further development of the individual in a competitive environment.

5.  The development of aesthetic and moral qualities of the personality and teamwork skills of the future doctor.

6.  Formation of communicative and corporate culture.

7.  Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, education of personal qualities helping to fulfill professional duty.

8.  The development of socio-political qualities to be able to resist the ideas of extremism and the influence of destructive movements.

9.  Organization of students volunteer movement.

Employees of the department are:

1. Ungarbayeva Aigul Amanzholovna - Head of the Department

2. Milaeva Irina Ivanovna - specialist of the department.

3. Tukhmetov Arman Kairzhanovich - specialist of the department.

4. Lukyanov Dmitry Yurievich - sound engineer

5. Smailova Akdana Berikbaykyzy - specialist of the department.

6. Mukhametzhanova Aidana Rakhmanovna - specialist of the department.

7. Nupbaeva Zhanel Seisenbaevna – specialist of the department

The Youth Affairs Department organizes the work of 13 creative circles and clubs to realize the creative abilities of students:

1.  Folk ensemble of oriental dances «Қаракөз» - Head Kosybaeva Meruert Erzhanovna (KosybaevaM@qmu.kz)

2.  Theater of Dance “Golden step” - head Fomenko Yuri Mikhailovich (Fomenko@qmu.kz)

3.  Vocal circle - Head Eralieva Dana Eralykyzy (EralievaD@qmu.kz)

4.  Dombra band - Head Dusembaeva Zhanerke (Dusembaeva@qmu.kz)

5. The Conferancier Circle - Head Telmanov Aidyn and Igenbekova Adina

6. The circle of theatrical art - head Zhumadilova Zhibek (Z.Zhumadilova@qmu.kz) and Iskazin Aibatyr

7. Choir – Head Povernikova Tatyana Dmitrievna (Povernikova@qmu.kz)

8. Studio of graphic art - Head Koshan Zhanaydar (KoshanZ@qmu.kz)

9. Group of modern dance “Yes Team” - Head Knaus Anton Alexandrovich (KnausA@qmu.kz)

10. Club of Funny and Inventive (KVN) «Күлкітерапиясы» (Kazakh league) – captain Abdrashev Aibol  

11. Club of Funny and Inventive (KVN) “Clinic of Laughter” (Russian League) - captain Gaysaev Temirlan(Gaysaev@qmu.kz)

12. Students author-poetic club "Zhyr Zhaukar" - Head Abilzhanov Daryn  (Abilzhanov@qmu.kz)

13. Club of Young Journalists “KSMU-Life” – Head Tashenova Zhanara  

  13 student associations and clubs are working to organize student self-government and the formation of an active citizenship among the students:

1. Student Republic “Самрұк” - President Afizov Iskandar Ekhnaddinovich (AfizovI@qmu.kz)

2. Local Committee of the Association of Medical Youth of Kazakhstan “KazMSA” – Head Baitasova Karlygash  

3. The local committee of “Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan” – Head Kalmukhanbetkyzy Nurai

4. The local committee of  “ЖасОтан” of the party “Нұротан”

5. Club of Initiative Students (CIS) – Head Taldybai Nursultan  

6. “Намыс” Debate club (Kazakh league) – Head Mamyr Erasyl  

7. “Insight” Debate club (Russian league) - Head Fisenko Igor Vladimirovich (Fisenko@qmu.kz)

8. Women's Club "Ақжүніс" – Head Alizhan Zhansaya

9. Youth Health Center “Жұлдыз” – Head Esengali Nazerke  

10. Student Support Service - Head Kamasheva Gulnara Mukhamedshaykyzy (Kamasheva@qmu.kz)

11. Volunteer organization “VolTeKSMU” - Head Rustemov Temirkhan Valikhanovich (RustemovT@qmu.kz)

12. Team “Enactus KSMU” - Vice-Captain Korobeinikov Timur (Korobeynikov@qmu.kz),Vice-Captain Gofman Sabina(GofmanS@qmu.kz)

13. Student Club "Саналыұрпақ " - head Zholshybek Nurmahan Zhambyluly (ZholshybekN@qmu.kz)

  The Student Self-Government Committee (SSGC) is a form of initiative, independent public activity of students, aimed at developing social activity and supporting social initiatives of students. The participation of students in the work of the SSGC contributes to the development of management skills, the formation of a responsible attitude of students to the opportunities and prospects of their professional, cultural and moral self-organization.

  The structure of the SSGC includes: Student Republic "Самрұк", SSGC of faculties, SSGC of hostels and Student Union (ombudsman).

  Student Republic “Samruk” is a representative body of student self-government of KMU, created to assist the university management in the implementation of educational and youth policy.

  SSGC dormitories should improve the living conditions of students in dormitories, they are a body of student self-government implementing the State youth policy in the field.

  Chairs SSGC of dormitories:

1.  Student self-government committee of the dormitory №1 - Chairman is Ibraeva Ainura Muratovna (A-Ibraeva@qmu.kz)

2.  Student self-government committee of the dormitory 2 - Chairman is Demchenko Anna Vasilievna (Demchenko@qmu.kz)

3.  Student Self-Government Committee of the dormitory 3 – Chairman is Sarsenova Aselkhan Bakhtiyorkyzy (SarsenovaA@qmu.kz)

4.  Student self-government committee of the dormitory 4 – Chairman is Zaskalko Ekaterina Evgenievna (Zaskalko@qmu.kz)

5.  Student self-government committee of the dormitory 6 - Chairman is Ismailov Etibar Asanalyogly (IsmailovE@qmu.kz)

6.  Student Self-Government Committee of the Dormitory 7 - Chairman is Karimov Zandarbek Ulanovich (KarimovZ@qmu.kz)

  The SSGC of schools and faculties is a body of student self-government that assists the university administration in the implementation of educational and youth policy in schools and faculties.

   Chairman of the SSGC of schools and faculty:

1.  Student Committee of the School of Medicine - Chairman is Sabyr Nurzhan Maratuly (Sabyr@qmu.kz)

2.  Student Government Committee of the School of Public Health and Pharmacy - Chairman is Bondareva Anastasia Yuryevna (Bondareva@qmu.kz)

3.  Student Committee of the International Medical Faculty - Chairman is Dixit Akhil (Dixit@qmu.kz)

The voluntary student squad carries out the prevention of offenses, the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of teachers, staff and students from criminal attacks on the territory of the university. Head is Kurvanaliev Nagy Yeskendrogly (Kurvanaliev@qmu.kz).

  The local committee of the Association of Medical Students of Kazakhstan "KazMSA" is a non-political non-profit organization that introduces future doctors to the aims of world health care. The actions of “KazMSA” are aimed at protecting the rights of people with disabilities, preventing of AIDS, early detection of cancer and many others. The local committee “KazMSA” promotes volunteer work and charity.

  The main priority of the Local Committee of the Republican Movement "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan" is the protection of the rights and interests of students. The priorities of the alliance's work are anti-corruption policies, charity events, students' self-development, events aimed at improving KMU relations with other universities in the city, region, country and the implementation of basic projects of the “Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan”.

  Student Republic “Samruk” work in the following areas: culture, science, education, sports, social work, protection of the rights and interests of students, promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of religious extremism and countering corruption. Student Republic "Samruk" is actively cooperating with the administration and departments of the university. At present, the government of the republic is represented by 6 ministries: the Ministry for Academic Work, Science, Culture, Information, Sports, and Organizational Work.

  The Club of Initiative Students (CIS) unites socially active boys and girls who take an active part in the public life of the university. The CIS initiates, organizes and conducts various after class activities, open doors, round tables and other events. The objectives of the club include the development of university volunteer movement.

  The participants of the women's club «Ақжүніс» are working in the city crisis center "Mama's House". The main goal of the project is to help young mothers in difficult life situations and support for single mothers.

  The tasks facing the club members:

- multiply the positive personal qualities of each girl;

- to make university studies more saturated and interesting;

- holding various events, competitions, master classes

  For inclusive development of the students, the club of young journalists “KSMU-life” is open at the university. “KSMU-Life” is focused on the visualization of university news. The objectives of the club include: an objective report to the viewer of information, the replacement of text information with videos, the ability to immerse the viewer in upcoming and past events.

  The main purpose of the Health Center “Жұлдыз” is to introduce students of KSMU to the volunteer movement to promote healthy lifestyles, improve and preserve health, prevent diseases. The activists of the center patronize the Boarding school for children with disabilities and the Home of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home-front workers. Activists of the center also organize the round tables "Pages of life of KMU", "Quality life with vaccination" and many others.