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Quality Management Department

Quality Management Department

Quality Management Department

Quality Management Department carries out activities to ensure the functioning and improvement of an effective quality management system in the university that meets the international quality standards.

The tasks of Quality Management Department:

- Coordination of activities to implement «Karaganda Medical University» non-commercial joint-stock company Quality Policy in structural divisions;

- Ensurance of functioning and improvement of quality management system of KSMU in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 50001;

- Participation in the preparation for certification for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 and subsequent periodic inspection control;

- Implementation of organizational measures for internal and external control of QMS requirements, analysis and evaluation of activities of all divisions;

- Participation in the development of strategic and operational plans of the university concerning the management systems;

- Providing reliable data on the effectiveness of the university processes necessary for self-assessment and analysis by the administration;

- Coordination of the quality system documentation, including necessary forms and records, documented procedures, quality manual;

- Methodological assistance to structural divisions on issues of management systems;

- Preparation of the university for institutional accreditation.

Employees of Department:

Head of the department: Anar Yemershina

E-mail  a_emershina@qmu.kz

Tel. +7 7212 503930 (1258)

Specialist: Madina Yernazarova

E-mail ErnazarovaM@qmu.kz

Tel. +7 7212 503930 (1728)

Specialist: Aisulu Moldybekova

E-mail Moldybekova@qmu.kz

Tel. +7 7212 503930 (1684)

Specialist: Akmaral Nassenova

Tel. +7 7212 503930 (1302)