Karaganda Medical University
«Medicine and Ecology» journal
Unusual New year
16 January 2020
On December 28, 2019, staff and students of the school of medicine held a charity New Year event for children with special needs.
New Year's trip to the "stations" of the winter session
10 January 2020
On the eve of the main holiday of the year, students of the school of medicine plunged into the fabulous atmosphere of the New Year, the most active students, together with the dean of the medicine school, organized the New Year's program: contests, quizzes, games, receptions.
Career guidance continues
09 January 2020
Teachers of the school of nursing education and the school of public health met with teachers and students of school No. 100 in Karaganda.
Academic mobility learning outcomes
30 December 2019
From November 18 to December 17, 2019, employees of the Karaganda Medical University, associate professor of the School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy Zhaniya Dauletkaliyeva and associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No.2 Alexander Marchenko, were trained at Lund University (Sweden), as part of the academic Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019
Тhe new tradition of the military department - delivery of shoulder straps to lieutenants of the reserve
30 December 2019
2019.14.12 a shoulder strap ceremony was held for young reserve lieutenants - graduates of the military department of the Medical University of Karaganda. This event was dedicated to the celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
New Year with New Victories!!!
27 December 2019
On December 25, 2019, a reportable meeting of the Board Chairman -Rector of " Karaganda Medical University " NCJSC, Professor Raushan Sultanovna Dosmagambetova with the public was held at the university. An independent director, a representative of the “MUK” NCJSC Board of Directors B.V. Zorin have taken part in it . The moderator was a chairman of Public Association “Alumni Association of the Karaganda Medical University” D.E. Tretiak.
Our Homeland Kazakhstan
27 December 2019
The annals of modern Kazakhstan begin on December 16, 1991.On this day, Kazakhstan declared itself an independent sovereign state.Having gained its independence, Kazakhstan embarked on a new path of development, gained strength and gained worldwide recognition.
OSKE on the 3rd course
25 December 2019
On December 19-24, 2019, an objective structured clinical exam was held at the center of simulation and educational technologies for students of the 3rd year of the educational program “General Medicine” in the disciplines “Respiratory system”, “Hematopoietic system”, “Endocrine system”, “Nervous system”.
Reunion of the best medical university graduates!
16 January 2020
Dear graduates of Medical University of Karaganda! We invite you to the traditional meeting of the graduates of the past years. The meeting will take place on the 27th of June, 2020 at…
Traditional Faculty and employees sport and athletic contests
09 January 2020
The 46th sport and athletic contest for faculty and employees of Karaganda medical university will be held on January 20-24. This event will be dedicated to the Year of Volunteer. The…
Dear friends!
20 December 2019
The Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducts a sociological survey devoted to the study of corruption facts in higher educational establishment of…
Dear friends, partners and residents of the region!
20 December 2019
We invite you to the reporting meeting of the Chairman of the Board - Rector of the Karaganda Medical University, Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna with the public. The meeting will be…
Dear students and staff members of KMU!
11 December 2019
On December 12, at 16.00 a.m. we invite you to the Assembly Hall of KSMU to the gala meeting and concert dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan The Department of Youth Affairs